Getting Through It



A Place To Share Your Story and Learn How Others are Getting Through It

Covid-19 will likely be with us for a long time. We may not ever get over it, but we will get through it. was created to be your support forum for all the many ways Covid is affected us. It exists as a community-based platform to post your story and receive comments as well as to read and comment on stories others have posted.

Whether you are living with the loss of a loved one, health issues you or your loved ones face, loss of security in your job, or simply a loss of serenity, we hope that in sharing your story and reading those of others you find comfort and insight.

The site is not functional but does allow you to see how such a site could exist to benefit all of us.

The site in its present form is a snapshot of what a functioning platform might look like. Our goal is to enlist other professionals to fully realize this idea, and to identify an appropriate corporate sponsor to bring it to a national stage.